Why AQB?


$2495 12x24 $7695
8x10 $2695 14x14 $5895
8x12 $2895 14x16 $6595
8x14 $3295 14x18 $7195
8x16 $3795 14x20 $7695
8x20 $4695 14x22 $8695
10x10 $2995 14x24 $9995
10x12 $3295 14x26 $11995
10x14 $3895 16x16 $7495
10x16 $4195 16x18 $8495
10x18 $4795 16x20 $9395
10x20 $5295 16x22 $9995
10x22 $5695 16x24 $10995
10x24 $5995 16x28 $12995
12x12 $3895 18x18 $9995
12x14 $4395 18x20 $10995
12x16 $4995 18x24 $13995
12x18 $5895 18x26 $16995
12x20 $6595 18x28 $19995

Customer to Supply the Following:

Area must be free and clear. Area must be level within 12“. Truck to building site must be no more than 100’ or extra charges will apply. Customer must be there to get job started, and customer must be present upon completion of job for final payment and final walk through. Customer must have adequate power source (a full 20 amp service or generator fees will apply).

Customer must paint building and door, including all edges within 90 days for warranty to be valid. Customer is responsible for any required permits or approvals. Blueprints available for $3.50 cents per sq foot per floor. AQB does not do site prep, extra charges will apply if required.

All Aurora Quality Buildings can be built on a ‘customer supplied’ concrete foundation at no additional cost.

standard features
  • AQB use 100% USA Wood - no particle or wafer board
  • 2” concrete leveling blocks, up to 12” of leveling included
  • Treated 4x4 skids up to 16 foot length
  • Treated 4x6 skids all longer lengths
  • 3 skids for 8’ and 10’ widths, 4 skids on 12’ and 14’ widths
  • 'Standard framing’ includes double plates, center ridge, California corner, and 12' building height
  • 2”x4” studs 16” on center floor and walls
  • 2”x6” floor joists on 14’, 16’ & 18’ widths
  • 5/8” T-1-11 Exterior Plywood Siding
  • 3/4” ‘Sturdy floor’ plywood flooring
  • 1/2” roof plywood
  • 36”-42” or 48” shed door, hasp included
  • Choice of wall height from 6’ to 7’6”
  • Choice of Traditional or Barn Roof style
  • 20 yr - 3-tab composition roofing
  • Choice of roof color, black, dark grey, light grey, dark brown, light brown, green or weathered wood
  • Moisture barrier in roof and walls
  • Limited mileage included
  • Limited 10-year warranty, deductibles apply

Due to rising fuel costs, and our desire to keep competitive, we will now be charging a $100 fuel sur-charge
(per day per truck) on all sales orders. Blueprints are available for $3.50 per sq. foot per floor. Extra
charges will apply for mileage over 50 miles from our warehouse, more than 12 inches out of level, any site
prep, more than 100 foot pack, ferry fees and customer is responsible for any hotel accommodations, if necessary,
for the duration of the job. San Juan Island trip fees are $200 plus ferry fees and $100 extra per night in addition
on larger sizes. Any deliveries requiring barge service are a flat $1000 extra in addition to all other charges.

  Marysville Main Sales Lot: 14418 Smokey Point Blvd. - Marysville, WA 98271
Toll Free:1-800-405-SHED - Phone:360-658-9967 - Fax:360-658-3687
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sunday - 11am-5pm
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