Why AQB?
Aurora Quality Buildings
offers unsurpassed quality, unlimited flexibility
and competitive and
affordable pricing.


Although our buildings look the same, there are plenty of reasons why to buy an Aurora Quality Building!
  • AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS are hand built, on-site and from the ground up.
    Their buildings are pre-fabricated.
  • With an AURORA QUALITY BUILDING you can have your building built exactly as you like. We can have your building customized to meet your needs and desires.
    Their buildings are “come as is”.
  • AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS uses #1 Douglas Fir T-1-11 siding.
    They use particle board siding.
  • AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS uses cedar trim boards.
    They use painted spruce or particle board trim boards.
  • Our roof system utilizes a ridge beam, roofing paper, and true roofing nails. (Built like a house, priced like a shed)
  • We use metal truss plates.
    They typically use scrap wood truss plates.
  • We utilize house construction (all walls are double plated).
  • Our side walls utilize an 8’ sheet of plywood.
    Their sidewalls utilize a 6’ piece of particle board.
  • Our roof eave boards are made from 2x4 douglas fir and 1x4 cedar trim.
  • Our flooring plywood is nailed down and laid according to design, and is tounge and groove true flooring grade plywood.
    They typically use a waferboard product or CDX grade of plywood.
  • Aurora Quality Buildings are built for a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • You will only have to buy an Aurora Quality Building, ONCE!

Built Like a House, Priced like a SHED!

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